How A Film Festival Went Virtual

[fa icon='calendar'] Jul 15, 2020 4:00:00 AM / by Caroline Weisenhorn posted in Eventgroove, Virtual Events

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Bow Wow Film Fest: 5 years of film tours, first year going virtual

When the world changed seemingly overnight as COVID-19 infiltrated the US, events were canceled with vigor and all but essential business operations came to a halt. Businesses across the country (film tours included) were forced to make some tough decisions. A big question people were asking was, “What now?”. The team at Bow Wow Film Fest took a few simple steps to answer that question.

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Church Ticketing: The Solution to Social Distancing Services

[fa icon='calendar'] Jun 12, 2020 12:16:53 PM / by Caroline Weisenhorn posted in Eventgroove, Virtual Events

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How to re-open your church in the midst of social distancing

Churches and religious organizations all over the world are facing challenges to re-opening their doors during the decline of the COVID-19 outbreak.

How do you do this safely?

Gathering restrictions have put caps on the number of people that can safely gather at one time. Gatherings of 50 or more people are still prohibited in a lot of states across the US. This means churches need capacity control measures and social distancing guidelines to safely resume church services in person.

Implementing a ticketing system and allowing your congregation to tune in online can solve all of these problems!

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How to Engage Attendees During Your Virtual Event

[fa icon='calendar'] Jun 1, 2020 6:00:00 AM / by Caroline Weisenhorn posted in Eventgroove, Virtual Events

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A guide to create excitement and encourage engagement among event attendees.

Engaging attendees is always a challenge, even at in-person events, but virtual events create new challenges for event planners. Not everything translates well to an online format. Think about the variety you provide in your live events. What are your go-to things? Do you have individual speakers and panel interviews? Do you have visuals and giveaways? Do the same thing online!

The content of your virtual event should be focused on engaging attendees now more than ever. With so many distractions, it’s difficult to obtain their undivided attention. Here are some things to consider when planning your virtual event that could help increase attendee engagement and make your event a hit. Check off the items you feel are realistic and most helpful towards your virtual event goals. 


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A Virtual Events Checklist

[fa icon='calendar'] May 28, 2020 6:30:00 AM / by Caroline Weisenhorn posted in Eventgroove, Virtual Events

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A Guide to Hosting Successful Virtual Events

Organizing and hosting virtual events on Eventgroove is just as simple and straightforward as it is with our in-person event platform. However, regardless of the platform you use, virtual events do bring new challenges to event planning.

Use our Virtual Events Checklist as a planning guide for your next online event. It's designed to walk you through setting up a virtual event from beginning to end. This checklist prompts you to consider key components of your online event and ways to execute them effectively with Eventgroove, or somewhere else. Check your list, check it twice, and drive the results you’re looking for. 

Make sure to print out the checklist for easy use and distribution! 

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Host Knockout Virtual Events: Our 4 Favorite Streaming Services

[fa icon='calendar'] Apr 30, 2020 9:43:47 AM / by Caroline Weisenhorn posted in Eventgroove, Nonprofit, Fundraising, Virtual Events

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So, you want to host a virtual event but you’re not sure where to start. Perhaps your live event has been affected by recent gathering restrictions, or you've just decided to move things online. With so many streaming options on the market, it’s difficult to know which one is right for you. 

Not to worry! We did the work for you. We’ve corralled our 4 favorite streaming services to break down top features and best use cases for hosting virtual events. 

Whether you go with one of the options below or try something totally different, it's important you find a streaming platform that fits your organization's needs. Make a wish-list of features you know you want and vet services using the list to make sure you find one that covers all your bases.

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