Four Top Fundraiser Promotion Tips

[fa icon="calendar"] Oct 23, 2019 2:16:00 PM / by Lance Trebesch

“How do I get people to my fundraising event?”

It’s a question even the most seasoned fundraisers ask themselves during their benefit’s planning process. Luckily for you, we have the answers…well, our customers do.


From school athletic team raffles to large benefit galas, our clients have done it all. They’ve shared their best fundraiser promotion tips with us, so we’re spreading the love. Incorporate the following into the promotional strategy for your next fundraiser and watch attendance (and donations) rise.

  1. Sell tickets on and off-line. Tackle both sides of ticket sales by creating an event page online to sell fundraising tickets as well as using local stores and merchants to boost ticket sales. Offering multiple outlets to event attendees makes it easier for them to buy tickets. 
  1. Don’t Neglect Social Media. Occasionally throwing up a link to where followers can buy fundraising event tickets online or posting a picture or two to Instagram isn’t going to cut it. Post regularly and have a plan. Betsy Myers, a supporter and corporate sponsor of Katie’s Dream, suggests an approach that can be applied to any fundraiser: “I recommend posting as many theme-related photos as possible when using social media. For example, we posted a photo of Katie in her new helmet once she hit her first goal of $250.”
  1. Employ Word-Of-Mouth. Yes, we know, it’s meta, but it’s effective in getting folks involved. So helpful, in fact, that every fundraiser works their network by getting on the phone, talking up their events in person and asking everyone associated to do the same. Nicole Bilson, Philanthropy Chair of Alpha Sigma Chi, says word-of-mouth was mostly how their third annual Code Red Club Night was advertised. They also partnered with the venue’s promotion company, posted on Facebook two weeks prior, and used’s AIDS fundraiser templates to draw a big crowd!
  1. Consistent Branding. Making your event recognizable, familiar, and authentic earns new supporters and keeps the attention of existing fans, which means you must keep your visual presence cohesive. Through their event tickets, Twitter page, posters, email blasts, and YouTube channel, The Irish Heritage Singers make sure their brand and mission is clear. Doing so has played a huge part in keeping old and new fans engaged and participating in events.


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Lance Trebesch

Written by Lance Trebesch

CEO/Co-Owner of, Eventgroove, UK TicketPrinting, TicketRiver Australia, Canada Ticket Printing, Raffle River, and Perforated Paper. Responsible for all operations and functions of the company and its business units.

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